Succulents are a fresh and trendy new item at Schlegel Greenhouse that we have been growing for the last several years. We use a sand based soil to ensure these succulents will be of top quality. We feature them in 4.5" pots, 6" pots, 8" bowls, 11" bowls, and a variety of wreaths and topiaries.

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Succulent Index (Click on names to view varieties)

Aeonium: Kiwi Verde, Canariense

Crassula: Campfire, Ovata Hobbit, Perforata, Radicon Small Red

Echeveria: Arrow Setosa, Black Prince, Elegans Blue, Nodulosa, Von Nuremburg, Topsy Turvy

Graptopetalum: Superbum

Kalanchoe: Dumila Gray, Fang, Gasonis Bonnieri, Maruieriana, Orgyalis, Panda Plant

Pachyphytum: Hookeri

Senecio: Serpiens, Blue Chalk Fingers