Succulents are a fresh and trendy new item at Schlegel Greenhouse that we have been growing for the last several years. We use a sand based soil to ensure these succulents will be of top quality. We feature them in 2.5" pots,  4.5" pots,, 8" bowls, 12" bowls and 18" bowls.  More varieties than listed are available at certain times.  Updated lists will be on our availability on NOW commerce.



Available Products

Succulent Index (Click on names to view varieties)

Aeonium: Kiwi Verde, Canariense

Crassula: Campfire, Ovata Hobbit, Perforata, Radicon Small Red

Echeveria: Arrow Setosa, Black Prince, Elegans Blue, Nodulosa, Von Nuremburg, Topsy Turvy

Graptopetalum: Superbum

Kalanchoe: Dumila Gray, Fang, Gasonis Bonnieri, Maruieriana, Orgyalis, Panda Plant

Pachyphytum: Hookeri

Senecio: Serpiens, Blue Chalk Fingers