Online Fundraising through Farmraiser

This year we are going to be offering online fundraising for all of our fundraiser clients. Ditch the paper order forms (or use them in conjunction with) and go paperless with either computer access or using the Farmraiser app. This year only we will be offering FREE DELIVERY to all fundraisers who use this service. Here are some of the advantages to the new system:

- Average sales increase when going online up to 20%

- Credit Cards are accepted

- No chasing down paper order forms

- Set deadlines

- Inventory tracking to reduce substitutions

- Mobile App so you can sell anywhere

- Share on social media platforms to increase sales

- A feature allowing donations to the school organization to people who live out of town or aren't interested in purchasing an item

- Plus track sales to know when to ramp up the pressure on the sellers and to help prepare for the delivery with volunteers