Schlegel Greenhouse has been growing poinsettias for nearly 47 years and we continue to set the standard for quality in the poinsettia industry. We have seen strong steady sales in poinsettias in recent years and it continues to be one of our most consistent fundraisers. Each poinsettia will come in an easy to ship paper sleeve and a dark green foil pot cover. 

Pricing: Red, White, Pink, Ice Crystal, Marble are $8.40 (includes pot cover)

Pricing: Red with Gold Glitter $11.40 (includes pot cover)

Pricing: Blue Shimmer $12.40 (includes pot cover)

Average Profits

•Winter Fundraising - 6.5" Poinsettias available in red, white, pink, marble, and ice crystal. We have also added Blue Shimmer & Red w/Gold Glitter to our list. (These are slightly higher in price)

•If twenty-five sellers sell fifteen 6" poinsettias they can make a minimum$2512.50 and maximum of $4387.50 in profit

•One school last year made nearly $7000 in profit!



Contact us now to get your Poinsettia/Winter Succulent Fundraiser going. Delivery dates are Monday-Saturday starting Monday, Nov 18th-Dec 20th.


We will customize your order forms to fit your needs.